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Financial Risk Evaluation
Made Easy

Quickly get a company or a person's financial risk profile,
just using AI and personal data.

Smart Decisions

Credit Evaluation

Get a company or person evaluation in just seconds with our solution. Just enter the raw data or ask the third party for its financial statements, and we do the job for you.

  • We can evaluate Latin American people and companies.
  • In seconds, no risk knowledge required.

Improve your cashflow

Smart Lending

Save money lending to the right customers. By using our risk indicators you can know in seconds if the prospect or customer can pay and in what amount.

  • Safe 30 day invoice payments.
  • Check for reliable providers.
Different businesses, different approaches

Solutions for Every Financial Need.

Power up your business with our risk analysis solution

Buy now, pay later

Offer deferred payments to your customers, in a safer way. 

Credit evaluation

Using customer data, we can evaluate them for credit or mortgage lending.

Checking Tenants

Make sure tenants can afford rental payments for house and office renting.

Beyond Conventional Credit

Upgrade Business Evaluations Now

Evaluate potential clients & suppliers with high-quality, reliable data from diverse sources, distinct from traditional bureaus.

  • Assess firms with premium data.
  • Diverse sources, unique insights.

Embrace Advanced Open Finance

European Financial Innovation for Latin America

Specializing in business risk assessment with a wide range of consent-based sources, fully compliant with laws.

Open Finance

  • Broader financial access
  • Unlock finance freedom

Risk Analysis

  • Mitigate risks smartly
  • In-depth insights.

Law Compliant

  • Fully legal & secure.
  • Complies with fintech law

Quick Assess

  • Rapid decision-making
  • Speedy risk evaluation

Need a Personalized Solution?

Get in touch with us, and we will help you to create the right one for your business or personal needs.

Take our customer words

Take a look at our customers success stories. Our goal is to help you grow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all the questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can evaluate people or companies in a smarter way. See all questions here!

You can start using our SaaS platform immediately. Contact us to make arrangements. Integration with your ERP can also be done swiftly, thanks to our implementation of web services and APIs.

We offer affordable pricing options. Our basic level prices start from $50.

Yes, your data is secure. We comply with personal data protection laws and the Chilean Fintech law. Our system is encrypted, ensuring your information is protected.

Yes, our services comply with the legislation in Chile and any other country we plan to operate in, meeting local laws and regulations.

Currently, we operate in Chile and are running pilots in Peru and Colombia, with plans to expand to more Latin American countries soon.

Yes, we aim to adapt our services to be as useful as possible for our clients, allowing for new implementations within the platform.

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